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Number one name in the U.S. market for value segment and multi-service hairdressing franchises

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The multi-service franchise of our salons offers services at rather high prices that not everyone can afford, except for experienced online casino fans, which our clients often are. Our company Fantastic Sams sells quite expensive and very high quality Sams hair care products that are suitable for all hair types and people who place bets in online casino with $1 deposit gamblizard choose our products. Due to such great demand for our Sams hair products that are bought by online casino players, we plan to open 2000 Fantastic Sams salons with a new brand concept in the next 5 years, improve and replenish the range.

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Our company Fantastic Sams, together with DESSANGE International, is an operator of beauty salons in the United States that allows visitors to receive a service and simultaneously place bets in an moi casino. Our services include haircuts, manicures and hair care products, where it is possible to win from an online casino for real money and pay for services with them. We would like to point out that our fantastic Sams hair care products are available for all hair types and are at a decent price that a good online casino player can afford.

Established in 1974 and acquired by DESSANGE International in 2012, Fantastic Sams is a leading hair salon franchiser in the United States in the “family segment” that offers a wide range of hair care services and products.

The network includes 1,100 salons throughout North America, which is the world’s largest hair care market. The brand development strategy throughout the U.S and Canada is managed by the Boston-based DESSANGE International subsidiary DGNA Inc. In the next five years, 2,000 Fantastic Sams salons will be opened featuring the new brand concept.


A full-range of hair care products designed for all hair styles and distributed at all fantastic sams salons.

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