Observing, understanding, designing, creating…DESSANGE
International’s philosophy of creativity is entirely based on these ideas. This philosophy is put into practice every day at the Creation and Development Lab, located at the manufacturing site in Guidel (56), France.

Our team strives to understand our clients desires, the needs of hair stylists, evolving trends and technologies, new techniques and more. This upstream process takes place before every implementation phase, and is based on close collaboration with our beauty salons, which welcome more than 230,000 women every day. It also depends on collaboration with experts at our training centres, who are always inclined to improve our products and services to please our clientele.

We further rely on the solid experience of our engineers and work closely with more than 80 approved suppliers. This breeding ground for ideas allows us to design and explore new textures, ranging from the technical to the playful, by mobilising more than 500 select active ingredients.

Our Creation and Development Lab balances its constant pursuit of pro-activity with its aim to consistently create safer and more effective formulas. The lab has the utmost respect for humanity and the environment, which is why it always complies with the increasingly rigorous requirements of international regulations.
Our lab acts as an incubator of natural products, working on more than 50 formulas at any given time and as many sensoryevaluation, physico-chemical and organoleptic tests. All of our formulas undergo thorough testing for effectiveness, stability and reproduction to ensure that our products are safe and effective at all times during manufacturing or use.

For more than 20 years, innovation has been the driving force behind our hair colourants and our haircare, styling and skincare products: 180 active formulas that are enriched each year by more than 50 innovations.