DESSANGE actively contributes to change through a socially and environmentally responsible policy. Its vision is on a par with its responsibilities: the brand is committed to ethics and the environment through its daily actions towards women and its ranges of high-quality natural products.

Committed to women

Because the brand has been built by women for over 60 years, DESSANGE celebrates them and supports them outside of its salons. Beauty care as defended by DESSANGE affirms respect for each individual and the importance of tending to others. In particular, the brand is committed to hospitalized women, reserving a share of the profits generated from the sale of its products for the beauty centers in the CEW France association.

CEW France (Cosmetics Executive Women) provides free beauty care in more than twenty hospitals, demonstrating that “beauty contributes to living better”

Responsible luxury

Intent on protecting the environment and biodiversity, the brand has already developed a plan to reduce its energy spending and a plan for the responsible procurement of raw materials.

In the composition of its formulas, DESSANGE privileges the use of carefully selected natural agents that reduce the finished product’s environmental and social impact. In its laboratories in Brittany (France) – a region rich in natural raw materials and a reference in marine biotechnology – DESSANGE creates products that respect everyone's well-being.

Drawing on its carbon budget, DESSANGE Paris created a sulfate-free prestige range, which is presented in boxes made with cardboard from sustainably managed forests. An avant-garde brand, DESSANGE had already created the PHYTODESS range. 

Thus DESSANGE, an active, forward-looking and glamorous brand, elegantly combines scientific efficacy, quality expertise, the pleasure of a luxury signature and the benefits of a preserved environment.